Meet Onison.

His mother died before we moved into the village, and his father is lacking in offering care and affection. Oni takes care of himself. He goes fishing everyday to feed himself, bathes in the river, and mainly stays around our house.

During Andrew’s current trip interior, he discovered that the village believes Onison is a witch. While shaman are considered a value within a village, witches are a source of fear and often murdered.

Onison’s father believes he became a witch after bring tricked into eating another witch’s flesh. It is tradition that when a witch is killed, it is passed around the village and everyone partakes unknowingly. They believe Onison has eaten 5 souls, and are concerned that he will kill and eat more.

Please, pray for Onison. We are protecting him as best as we can.

Pray for us to have wisdom and guidance to do whatever is in the best interest of Onison and the village.

Photo and story by Amberlynne Claussen.

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