Miraculous Delivery

Today, I am thankful for a God who answers prayers. In my incapabilities, in my ignorance, and in my lack of confidence, God can work. An hour ago, I was asked to help a woman whose placenta was partially delivered.

Me. I have birthed 4 children, but have never received training to help in an emergency.

I felt helpless because I WAS. According to culture, I had to say yes. I went to the cleared out area of jungle where she had delivered the child. The baby, still attached to the cord, lay naked. Child birth is extremely private to the Komyandare. Only 2 women go near the woman and a group of about 10, all close family, may stand a little further back. I felt awkward and out of place because I WAS awkward and out of place. I did a quick evaluation and did not know what to do. It was so overwhelming and I wanted to break down and cry. Its a terrifying feeling to have this responsibility. They chose me because they were desperate. They saw no hope. I prayed for her and the child. That sounds simple, and it sounds like common sense. To pray to your God in front of people who are unbelieving and may decide never to believe because YOUR GOD DIDN’T ANSWER YOUR PRAYER can be paralyzing. It took all my faith to pray out loud, hoping God would honor and answer the prayer.

I went back to the house and made a Facebook call to our expat doctor in Sentani. I explained the situation, and she told me step by step what to do. And then she did something beautiful. She prayed. Oh, how thankful I am that God has not given us this world to live in alone. We have brothers and sisters the globe over, each with their own knowledge, talents, and gifts able to help us in our times of insufficiency.

Back to the jungle clearing. Our coworker, Eiles, was with the woman’s husband. He was praying with fervor. He left upon my arrival and I followed the instructions given me. God answered all of our prayers. There was shouting and yelling by the women. It seemed like mass chaos.

This ministry is unusual. It is heartbreaking, rewarding, and demanding.

On days like today when I experience being the hands and feet of God – when it is NOT me and HIM in action are so miraculously beautiful.

Photo and story by Amberlynne Claussen.

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