Our purpose

World Team exists to glorify God by working together to establish
reproducing churches focusing on the unreached peoples of the world.

Our vision

Image of a crossTo become a global missionary fellowship that partners with others to establish vital communities of believers within reach of every person.

Glorifying God... The goal of missions is to glorify God by bringing people from every tribe, tongue, and nation into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our passionate commitment to God's missionary agenda is our living act of worship.

By working together… God created us for fellowship with Himself and with each other. We commit to work together in teams and to love one another as a reflection of God's own interpersonal relatedness. Teamwork helps us learn and grow and models relationships for new churches. We grow together as together we grow.

To establish reproducing churches… Christ is building his Church. He calls us to evangelize and disciple people from every nation so that they become part of his Church. We believe that every local church can and should reproduce itself. Multiplication should be the natural outworking of a healthy fellowship of believers, something that happens continuously and normally.

Focusing on the unreached peoples of the world... Two billion people in our world are considered 'unreached'. They are isolated from the Gospel because of language, culture, geography, social, or political circumstances. They are waiting to hear the Gospel communicated in a culturally appropriate manner. Our desire is to make His name known among those who have never heard.

Dividing line 

For more information about World Team mission's Core Values and Statement of Faith, see the World Team International web site.