Teaching missionary children

Hillcrest International School studentsMissionaries who come to work in Papua need to know that the educational needs of their children are being met, while they are focusing on their frontline

Hillcrest International School provides a quality Biblically-based western education, from Kindergarten to Year 12.  The school is multi-cultural - students, teachers and administrators come from nations scattered around the globe, coming together to create a diverse academic and social mosaic.  Staff have an unique opportunity to have significant input to their students' lives, helping them to thrive in all aspects of life, and preparing them for eventual re-entry to their home countries.

Expatriate teachers at Hillcrest are not paid by the school. Rather, staff are required to have their own support team in order to keep schooling costs as low as possible for missionary families.

World Team personnel are on the staff at Hillcrest, helping provide the vital educational support services necessary for frontline mission work to succeed.

Visit Hillcrest International School's web site for more information, including a tour of their facilities and a list of their current staffing needs.

Hillcrest International School students