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If you feel that God is wanting you to join the work of missions long term in
Papua, consider the list of current Needs we have advertised.  We believe that  God calls some people to remain at home and support mission work in other ways.  This is also essential, as missionaries on the field could not operate without a team standing behind them and supporting them.

Read below for several ways in which you can support the mission work in Papua...

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Prayer support

Prayer is essential for God's Kingdom to grow.  Papua has a history of animism and spirit worship which is still very prevalent today.  Prayer warriors are needed in this battleground to sustain and protect those on the front line.  Your prayers can have a powerful influence on overcoming the challenges faced daily by World Team Papua families and their national brothers in Christ.  If you would like to become a prayer supporter for our mission, please contact us and the field leader will pass on general prayer and praise points or link you with a specific family.

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Financial support

Finances are also essential for missionaries to support their families in another country and culture.  There are many associated costs necessary in overseas mission, including travel, medical, and visa and immigration fees.  There are also ministry projects which have expenses and budgets of their own such as subsidising medical evacuations/emergencies, transport costs for national church evangelists or the education of Bible school students.  Please contact us if you are interested in supporting a World Team Papua family or project financially, and the field leader will discuss options with you.

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Adopt a people group

God sometimes places it on a church or a person's heart to support a people group in a distant mission field.  If you are looking for this opportunity, contact us to discuss "adopting" a people group in Papua.  After choosing a tribe together with World Team Papua's field leader, this will place you in direct contact with a missionary who is working with that tribe or who knows them well.  They can provide you with information, prayer and praise items, and multimedia to help you connect with these people and be a blessing to them in many practical ways.

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Request a speaker or missionary to visit you

If you are interested in a World Team representative coming to visit you - your church, home group or family, please contact us to discuss this.  It could be that you are looking for ways to partner with a World Team missionary family, or are interested in joining World Team or want to contribute in some way.  If a World Team Papua missionary is currently on home assignment near your area, they may be available to visit you.  Members of our Home Office staff may also be available.

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Help short term, as an intern, or with a work party

On our Needs page we discuss in more detail the possibilities of visiting the mission field as part of an internship program, a short term worker, or with a work party.  This can be a life-changing experience for yourself and an exposure to missions as well as assisting God's work in another country.  Please read the Needs page for more information and contact us with any questions.

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Donate software licenses or second-hand laptops

Desktop computers are hard to donate, since they are impractical to transport to another country.  However if you have second-hand laptops which you no longer need, these are easier to carry and can be used by missionaries or national Bible translators.

Software which you no longer use is even easier to donate, since it only involves sending a disk or sometimes just a license key via email if the disk is already available in Papua.  Perhaps you have older versions of software you no longer need or you work for a software company and can get software very cheaply.  World Team Papua wants to use legal software and your donations could be useful for missionaries or national church workers.  Standard Microsoft software is probably the most useful, but other offers are also welcome.

Please contact us regarding donations of laptops or software.

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