Gereja Injili di Indonesia (GIDI)

GIDI is the national church with whom World Team partners in Papua.

World Team's strong desire is not just for reaching the unreached, but for working together to establish reproducing churches.  We are out to make disciples who will make disciples.  We do not want to plant solitary churches but rather to engage inGIDI logo church multiplication and to pass on the baton of mission.

GIDI, which stands for "The Evangelical Church of Indonesia", has grown in Papua after the efforts of pioneering missionaries, and now consists of the following:

  • 754 "jemaat" (congregations) among 58 "klasis" (church groupings) within 8 "wilayahs" (regional districts).
  • 970 pastors and 40,703 evangelists serving over 337,000 church members.
  • 12 Bible schools in local languages and 4 Indonesian-language Bible schools.
  • GIDI churches and evangelism posts now spread across all of Indonesia to include Lampung, and Java.
  • International mission efforts in Papua New Guinea, Australia and Israel.

  A Papuan national church congregation
A national church congregation.


GIDI is a maturing national church and a vital partner with World Team.  God has raised up national leaders to pastor His church, and GIDI evangelists have spent years of dedicated service in isolation, far from their tribal homes.

Lipiyus BinilukGIDI's elected leader, Lipiyus Biniluk has a challenging role to bring together congregations from many different tribes, and to lead this part of the global body of Christ through the rapid changes which face Papua today.