Leadership development

Leadership development seminarLeaders are very important in the Papuan culture. Historically, tribal chiefs or “big men” held great prestige and authority. Today, in the church’s context, leaders are responsible not only for spiritual growth, but need extra wisdom in guiding people through the unprecedented changes occurring in Papua which are causing all sorts of social issues. Historically, when church leaders have failed to show good leadership it has caused significant detriment to the church’s growth and to tribal harmony.

GIDI, the national church World Team partners with in Papua, desires experienced Bible teachers and disciplers to work alongside their pastors and church leaders to train and develop them spiritually. Providing this discipleship requires significant experience in understanding cultural issues as well as good language and people skills. This is a challenging area of ministry, but one whose effects can be seen in the growth of godly, spiritually mature church leaders, and in the effect they have on their national churches.

World Team personnel work alongside the national church to provide biblically-based leadership development training, mentoring and encouragement. Past missionaries have a special place in the hearts of Papuans, and a number have returned for visits to encourage and strengthen the national church leadership.

There is also a need for Bible School teachers in the major theological seminaries in the towns. Students come from all over Papua to study at these Bible Schools, to be trained and equipped as pastors and evangelists.

Leadership development is an excellent way to encourage the church multiplication efforts prioritized by World Team, to participate in the maturing process of local, tribal churches, and ultimately, to help spread the gospel to all parts of Papua.

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