In the rugged mountains and remote jungles of Papua, there are few roads
and aviation has for many years been an essential transportation service.  Flying is still the only means of travel from the towns on the coast into the interior mountainous region.  Most airstrips are short, grassy landing strips cut into plateaus or dry places in the swampy lowlands.

Remote grass airstrip in Papua

World Team works in partnership with the national organisation Tariku Aviation to provide transportation with a priority on church and health work.  They transport church workers, evangelists and missionaries, and give encouragement to those working in isolated areas.  They do medivac flights for medical emergencies, fly health and government workers, as well as local produce, livestock and commodities.  Tariku, with World Team's help, works to provide these essential services serving God's church and the people of Papua.  The Mamberamo river region in the north coast is our area of particular focus.

Approaching a landing stripWorld Team has a remarkable heritage providing aviation services in Papua.  Their aircraft and personnel have had the privilege of saving lives, helping God's church grow and mature in Papua, and mentoring a Papuan Christian aviation organisation.  This was achieved with an outstanding safety record and through the dedication of its staff with God's help and faithfulness.

After many years, World Team is now phasing out of aviation and is no longer recruiting personnel (pilots or mechanics) for its partnership with Tariku.  Please read the History section below to get more background to the story and to see how the situation has eventuated today.

Remote airstrip in Papua


In 1975, World Team (then known as RBMU) established an aviation service known as Regions Wings, flying small Cessna airplanes for mission support purposes and church planting activities.  In 1987, a non-profit, national aviation organisation was founded, called "Yayasan Pelayanan Penerbangan Tariku" (Tariku Aviation Services Foundation).  Regions Wings and Tariku have worked together for many years, with Regions Wings (World Team) providing pilots, mechanics and technical training in the aviation industry.

Today, Tariku has a national Papuan leadership structure and owns and operates two Cessna 185 aircraft.  World Team still provides one pilot and a mechanic, but is now in the process of phasing out of Tariku, which will give the national organisation complete independence.